Medical Visa from Nigeria to India

Get to know the address of Indian High Commission and Consulates in Nigeria, Websites, Process for applying the Visa and Documents required.

Eligibility for Medical Visa to India

  • If one seeks medical treatment in reputed/recognized specialized hospitals/treatment centers in India.
  • Up to two attendants who are blood relatives are allowed to accompany the applicant under separate Medical Attendant Visas, their visa validity will be the same as Medical Visa.
  • The following list of ailments (not an exhaustive list) would be of primary consideration: serious ailments like neurosurgery; ophthalmic disorders; heart – related problems; renal disorders; organ transplantation; congenital disorders; gene therapy; radio therapy; plastic surgery; joint replacement, etc.

Important Documents Required for Indian Medical Visa Application:

  • Original passport having a validity of at least 6 months.
  • Hardcopy of the online application form.
  • Photocopy of the data page of the passport.
  • Confirmed return air ticket.
  • Two photographs of the applicant of the size of 50mm x 50mm (2inch x 2inch). The photo should have a light background with no shadow on the face of the applicant and his/her eyes should be open. The photos should be glued in pages 1 and 2 of the online form.
  • Your online application form should be complete. The hardcopy of the form should bear your signature in the box provided in page 1 and at the end of page 2.
  • Your signature in the form and the signature printed on your passport should match.
  • You should provide your contact details (phone, address and e-mail id). Visa application will be refused if any of the contact information is found to be false.
  • A separate letter giving full details of previous visits to India, including periods of stay.
  • Your CV/bio-data.
  • A separate letter which gives your present occupation and detailed purpose of your intended visit to India.
  • Letter from the local hospital/doctor.
  • Complete copies of treatment record from the local hospital.
  • A typed original referral letter. It should have all the contact details on the letterhead and should be duly stamped and signed from a well reputed hospital where the patient has been examined. The letter should specify the nature of ailment of the patient and the reason for referring him/her for a medical treatment to the established/specialized/recognized medical institute/ hospital in India.
  • A typed admission letter from the concerned hospital in India should be emailed by the hospital authorities to the High Commission at with a copy to the applicant. The letterhead should contain all the contact details, stamp and signature of the hospital authority. The letter should duly specify the nature of the medical treatment along with the start and end dates of the treatment.
  • Proof of relationship of accompanying the patient and a letter indicating relationship.
  • Certificate from panel doctor/hospital after examination of the patient’s condition, requirements and availability of the treatment in India.
  • A certified bank statement of the last three months or a guarantee letter issued by the bank in the name of the applicant that testifies that he/she is able to meet the expenses to cover the medical and living expenses in India for the duration of the medical treatment.
  • If the medical travel is sponsored then the applicant needs to provide an affidavit from the sponsor along with an attachment of a copy of his/her Identity Card/Passport.
  • Oral Polio Vaccination Certificate is required only for residents of seven polio affected countries that include Nigeria. OPV/IPV certificate that is to be brought to India is valid for one year from the date of issuing it.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate is required from all except infants under 6 months.

Online Application for Indian Medical Visa from Nigeria

  • Go to the government registered website Indian Visa Online (hyperlink) and click on Regular Visa Application.
  • Fill the details regarding the country, high commission based on your city, visa type, date of birth, expected date of arrival. Enter the access code and click on continue.
  • Fill the rest of the applicant and passport details that will appear on the screen and click on save and continue.
  • After that enter your address details, family details and profession/occupation details. Click save and continue.
  • Fill up the details of the type of visa sought, previous visa/currently valid visa details, other information and SAARC country visit details.
  • If you do not have a reference in India then you can provide Health and Hopes office address and the contact number of the patient relation in the reference in India section of the form (only when you are making your medical travel to India with Health and Hopes assistance). Click here to get the contact details of Health and Hopes Health.
  • After you click Save and Continue on the third page, a preview containing all your details will appear.
  • Go through them thoroughly. Click on Modify/Edit if there is any mistake.
  • Click on Verified and Continue if all the data entered by you are correct.
  • Go through the set of instructions that appear on the new window and press OK for final registration. To modify details click Cancel.
  • After clicking OK a window will appear where you would have to select the appointment date for submission of application at the Mission Counter. Click on Confirm the Appointment.
  • Another new window will open after you have clicked on Confirm the Appointment, bearing two options to Print or Save the online application. Save the online application. Do not print it immediately as you may lose the application by doing so.
  • Click on Print Registered Application to get the hardcopy of your application form.
  • You can check your visa status by clicking on the Visa Status Enquiry.

Medical Visa Processing Fee in Nigeria

Medical visa from Nigeria to India for a duration of 6 months cost 25180 Naira (USD 80) whereas for a year it costs 37770 Naira (USD 120).

Medical Visa Processing Time in Nigeria

It takes about 2 working days after the application to process a Medical Visa from Nigeria to India.


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