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About Health & Hopes

Health & Hopes is a product of the collective effort of our team that is dedicated to providing personalised service to all our customers

Health & Hopes has provided managed health care services to 3000+ patients across the globe. Our dynamic team possesses years of experience in facilitating medical treatment combined with exotic tourism. Once you’ve completed your treatment from one of our affiliated facilities, you can enjoy post-treatment stay by visiting nearby attractions, soaking in the Indian culture and cherishing authentic delicacies from our country.

Our team of friendly professionals are always eager to help you out. From arranging pick and drop services to communicating with doctors and medical staff, we’ll take care of everything for you. Our professional interpreters are fluent in a wide range of languages including English, Arabic, French, Russian, Uzbek, Swahili, Pashto, Dari and Fijian. Now you don’t have to worry about getting lost in translation.

Why Health and Hopes

  • Patient-First Services
  • Choice of Hospitals
  • Choice of Specialists
  • Top-quality experts
  • No Language Barriers
  • Personalized Travel Assistance
  • Feels Like Family
  • Customized and Flexible Treatment Packages
  • Affordable Cost

Services We Offer

Health and Hopes works in association with leading hospitals in India and provides you the finest healthcare facilities.

  • Pre-Travel Consultation

    Consult with your doctor pre-travel to understand the procedure and other related details.

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  • Visa

    We help you get your visa in a convenient and hassle-free manner.

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  • Money Exchange

    We also provide currency exchange services so you never fall short of local currency.

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  • Interpreters & Translators

    Our team of professionals fluently speak English, Arabic, French, Russian, and Uzbek, among other languages, so you never get lost in translation.

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  • Arrival, Departure & Transportation Assistance

    Your pickup and drop from the airport to the hotel and for all routine check-ups is on us.

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  • Admission, Appointment & Pharma Care

    We schedule your appointments, admit you to the best of medical facilities, and buy pharmaceutical supplies whenever needed.

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  • Medical Opinion & Cost Estimation

    We’ll provide you cost estimation from different hospitals and arrange for multiple opinions of doctors for your treatment.

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  • Private Duty Nursing

    Need private nursing pre or post treatment? Just place a request and we’ll take care of that for you.

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Some Important Facts About Us

Our quick response time, affiliation to top medical service providers, and personalized attention and care have made us a preferred choice of medical travellers looking for top-quality treatment at an affordable cost

  • Patient Assisted 3000
  • Treatment Assisted 3500
  • Number of Countries 50

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