Medical Visa from Uganda to India

Get all the required guidelines about Indian medical visa application from Uganda

Eligibility for Medical Visa from Uganda to India

  • Medical visa is only granted to those whose only purpose to travel to another is medical treatment.
  • Patient should seek treatment at a recognized/reputed/specialized hospital/healthcare center in India.
  • The patient is allowed with maximum two medical attendants to accompany him/her. They can be his/her family members or close associates.
  • Serious ailments like neurosurgery, joint replacements ophthalmic disorders, renal disorders, cardiac problems, congenital disorders, organ transplantations, radiotherapy, plastic surgery, gene therapy and others are of primary considerations in granting a medical visa. The list of treatments is non-exhaustive.

Important Documents Required for the Application of Indian Medical Visa from Uganda

  • Print of the completely and correctly filled online visa application form signed by the applicant.
  • It is mandatory to upload 2 recent passport size photographs during filling up the online form.
  • An official letter from the local hospital or doctor stating that the applicant has been recommended medical treatment in India.
  • A letter from the concerned recognized/reputed/specialized hospital in India confirming the applicant’s treatment. It should also mention the applicant and his or her medical attendant’s name, passport number and nationality of the patient and the attendants.
  • Bank statement or receipt of payment issued by hospital in India to proof the applicant’s availability of funds to support himself/herself during his/her stay in India. In case company bank statements are provided then the company details linking the applicant to the account should be submitted.
  • Full medical history of the applicant.
  • Referral letters from the local hospital and visa invitation letter from the concerned hospital in India should be mailed to the consular at from the official email address of both the hospitals.
  • Passport should have a validity of minimum 6 months.
  • Applicants should have valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. The vaccination should be taken atleast 14 days before the date of arrival.
  • For minors medical visa applications should be accompanied by Birth Certificate of the minor and a consent letter signed by both the parents and their original IDs.

This was the list of documents required for a Medical Visa from Uganda to India

Online Medical Visa Application to India from Uganda

  • Go to Indian Visa Online and click on Regular Visa Application.
  • Fill up the important credentials: your country’s name, high commission, date of birth, nationality, e-mail id, expected date of arrival in India and visa type. Enter the access code and click Continue.
  • The form consists of a total of three pages. Fill up each page of the form with your correct details. Click Save and Continue at the bottom after you finish filling up each page.
  • Enter details of your family address and your profession or occupation.
  • Enter your medical visa application details regarding the hospital in your country and the concerned hospital in India, duration of treatment, no. of entries, purpose of visit, expected date of journey, expected time of arrival and departure, other information, details about SAARC country visit and reference.
  • If you travel to India for your treatment only through Health and Hopes assistance but do not have a reference in India, then you can provide Health and Hopes office address and contact number of patient relations as mentioned here.
  • Upload your picture in the online form by clicking on Upload Photo. It is mandatory to upload your recent photo in the online application form.
  • After you click Save and Continue on the third page, a preview containing all your details will appear.
  • Go through them thoroughly. Click on Modify/Edit if there is any mistake.
  • Click on Verified and Continue if all the data entered by you are correct.
  • Go through the set of instructions that appear on the new window and press OK for final registration. To modify details click Cancel.
  • After clicking OK a window will appear where you would have to select the appointment date for submission of application at the Mission Counter. Click on Confirm the Appointment.
  • Another new window will open after you have clicked on Confirm the Appointment, bearing two options to Print or Save the online application. Save the online application. Do not print it immediately as you may lose the application by doing so.
  • Click on Print Registered Application to get the hardcopy of your application form.
  • If you haven’t uploaded your picture in the online application form, then paste it in the photo box on the first page. The photograph should be exactly the same size as the box (2inch X 2inch).
  • Put your signature on the rectangular box just below the photo box. Do the same in the box at the bottom of the second page.
  • Finally, submit the application form along with the required documents at the Mission Counter on the appointed date, mentioned at the right margin of the application, during the working hours.

Indian Medical Visa Processing Fee

The Indian medical visa processing fee from Uganda is 290,000 UGX ( 80 USD).

UGX: Ugandan Shilling


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